Iaminawe is our business and  creative collaborative space. It is a stylistic affinity between the extremes.

We love to create designs & illustrations, web sites, mobile apps and animation for theatre and live events. We are experienced with working across a range of creative projects and have been doing what we love and loving what we do for 12 years now.

We are inspired by travel, passion, culture, movement, originality, family, creativity, play, curiosity & children.

I am Gregg and I mostly handle the animation & web development work, I studied Graphic Design & Multimedia in 1996 and have been learning, teaching, animating, designing, programming & building up a storm ever since. I love Drupal and have lots of experience building sites with it and other open source tools. I also enjoy creating motion graphics and animation using varied tools and techniques. When not getting a screen tan, I love to spend time with my family and get in as much surf, skate and snow time in as life permits. I am a patient teacher and a motivated learner constantly challenging and extending my skillset. I tweet as @skabenga, post my visual shots at dribbble, and check in at facebook occasionally here

Angella is the graphics department and handles the design and illustration work. She studied Graphic Communications in 1999 and has been working creating beautiful graphics and artwork for print, web and broadcast ever since. She loves salt water, drawing, astrology, her beautiful girls, sacred geometry, surfing, longboarding, yoga and missions in the forest. She tweets as @angellaiaminawe and shares wisdom on facebook here

We met and fell in love in 2000 and have spent the last 12 years moving around the world living in interesting places and doing interesting work. Aurora came along in 2008 and Autumn in 2010 and then there were four.

We dont work the crazy hours we once did as we need to take into account the crazy hours that come with kids and so we intentionally are working on less concurrent projects to provide those jobs that are active, the priority and attention they deserve.

So this means if you want to work with us on something please let us know in good time so we can plan your project in and craft it to the quality you expect.

Gregg and Angella

Our story so far

  • Our journey together began while teaching animation and design to kids in New York in 2000.
  • We moved to London where our business was born building a website and creating animation for a prominent London hotel.
  • We spent 7 months backpacking through Central & South America technology bartering websites and brochures for food and accommodation building a portfolio and working in interesting places.
  • After another few months in London we moved again to Cape Town on the tip of Africa where we spent the next 8 years creating a wide variety of media for all manner of causes , purposes and reasons.
  • Most recently we have moved again to Canada where we currently live and work in Victoria on Vancouver Island.