I am a creative guy with experience and passion working in web design, animation and theatre. I am comfortable architecting, designing, building, deploying and optimizing drupal websites. I live and work in Victoria, British Columbia with my wife and two daughters.

I contract independently when not working on my  company iaminawe with my wife Angella and work as a Drupal Develeoper at northStudio building and theming Drupal sites and iOS apps. Before that I was Web Producer for Design Indaba and I also run my own design, web and animation studio, iaminawe alongside my wife and partner, Angella, since 2001.

The type of work I love is

  • To craft beautiful useful websites and apps with drupal
  • Develop SaS Drupal products using Aegir
  • Build iOS Apps using Appcelerator Titanium Animate & composite motion graphics
  • Speak about Drupal and stuff I am interested in
  • Teach what I know and learn more in the process
  • Figure out more innovative ways to work to save time and energy

When I am not working I love to Spend time with my wife and 2 daughters Autumn & Aurora. Learn as much as I can across a range of subjects Skate, Surf or Snowboard at every available opportunity Read books on technology, business, startups and entrepreneurship Travel and see new places and meet new people


I like to do includes Motion graphics, animation & compositing Mix and mash live visuals for a events and concerts Contribute to Open Source projects where I can