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Iaminawe likes to draw, cut, paste, photograph, paint, glue, click, stencil, sew, sculpt, spray, stick, peel, screenprint, scratch, scan, photocopy, print, vectorise, soak, crumple, drip, drop, throw and catch cool illustration projects.

We like to do this in and on books, magazines, T-Shirts, walls, websites, journals, sketchbooks, postcards and in your TV.

So if you have a brief that needs interesting interpretation and some fresh creative juice then look no further.

Graphic and Identity Design
Iaminawe likes to represent. We like to represent you too.

To do this, we design individual identities that encompass original logo design, business cards, letterheads, e-mail newsletters and anything else that applies to the way you present your business image to the world.

Print and Packaging
Iaminawe offers a full range of print based graphic design services including programs, posters, packaging, banners, brochures and all forms of promotional literature.

We have worked with many magazines and publishers and have created successful book cover designs, magazine layouts and editorial illustrations for a variety of clients.

Iaminawe offers fresh angles and creative license when taking photographs for people. Using a high quality Fuji Finepix S7000, we have taken extensive photography of their travels and have built up a significant stock collection in the process.

We have been commissioned to cover music events, theatre productions, portraits and portfolios.

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Animation/Motion Graphics/Broadcast
Iaminawe creates high quality motion graphics and animation in a variety of different mediums for broadcast, theatre, live events and web delivery.

We have developed a strong portfolio in producing animation for successful theatre and live events over the past two years. We have animated and projected for democracy celebrations, Greek tragedies, musicals, operas and a ballet and have consistently received favorable press regarding our work.
We use stop motion, live action, compositing, 2D, Flash and 3D animation to achieve the creative goals required by our clients.

Iaminawe has animated music videos and TV show identities for broadcast and are always looking for new exciting opportunities in this field.

Our work has been broadcast locally on SABC 3, SABC 2, SABC 1, Kyknet and Kenya Television.

Live Performance visuals (VJ)

Iaminawe chop and scratch their particular style of animated visuals and live footage, mixed live to music. This is a very spontaneous and creative way of video mixing and it has applications in events, concerts, launches and performances. Iaminawe has an extensive archive of video clips and animation making for interesting and eclectic mixes.

Web & Animation

Iaminawe does not design websites. Iaminawe creates web experiences.

These are delivered through effective and creative use of Flash, CSS, HTML and PHP allowing sites to become immersive experiences that do not compromise function for beauty.

On the client side, the creation of these experiences starts with a thorough strategic analysis of your brand and objectives. Once we know why you want a site and who it’s aimed at, we will work with you to create a strategy that will help to achieve these goals and continue to attract visitors long after the site has gone live.

The sites we create range from small micro-sites through to large web presences including administration areas for managing and maintaining the site content and mailing lists. Sites are built in a modular user friendly fashion that allows for easy updating and future expansion.

We offer a whole range of services relating to your site including hosting, domain name registration, statistics on visitors and newsletter management. We believe it is important to establish effective communication channels with your site visitors/customers and have an efficient system for sending out branded newsletters and monitoring the success rate of these mail shots.

Viral E-mail Marketing

This form of online marketing relies on the concept of word of mouse. These are animations/images distributed by e-mail that create suspense or awareness for an upcoming show, event or product. They can tie directly in with ticket sales and discounts and achieve excellent distribution via a “send to friend” mechanism. The success rates and related purchases are recorded and so there is an excellent way of monitoring the success of the campaign. This is a vital part of any web strategy in today’s online marketplace and with clever and original content, these campaigns can work very well.

Iaminawe offers high quality scaleable hosting both locally South Africa and internationally UK. We can offer 100% reliability and put the power of advanced hosting in our customers hands with full personalized control panels. In addition we offer advanced services such as site statistics reporting, load balancing, security monitoring, e-commerce solutions and secure socket layers.

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About Salient

The Castle
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T: +216 (0)40 3629 4753